As a punter...'An absolute must see band' As a venue....'An absolute must book band' ! Great music played by proper musicians... A pleasure to listen to and a pleasure to deal with..”




Live 3 Piece Blues/Rock/Rock 'n Roll Band

Meet the Davy K Project: Where Blues and Rock Collide! 🎸🎤 

Davy K - Lead Vocalist and Guitar 

Prepare to be transported to the heart of blues-infused rock with Davy K. As the lead vocalist and lead guitarist, Davy K channels raw emotion into every note he plays and every lyric he sings. His searing guitar solos and soulful, gravelly vocals tell stories that cut to the core of the human experience. Davy K is the sonic guide on this electrifying journey. 

Mark McConnel - The Bass Groove Master 

Enter the groove with Mark McConnel, the backbone of our sound. Armed with a bass guitar, he lays down rhythms that make your heart thump and your feet move. Mark's basslines are the solid foundation upon which the Davy K Project's blues rock anthems are built. 

Marty Grieve - The Rhythm Dynamo 

Completing this powerhouse trio is Marty Grieve, the rhythmic dynamo behind the drum kit. Marty's precision drumming and infectious energy provide the heartbeat of our music. His powerful drumming drives our songs forward with a relentless passion. 

Together, Davy , Mark and Marty Grieve form a musical trifecta that ignites stages and leaves audiences craving more. Their live performances are an experience that words can't capture – a fusion of talent, energy, and love for blues-infused rock. 

Join us on a musical odyssey that celebrates the blues rock genre in all its glory. Dive into our albums, catch us live, and let the Davy K Project redefine your love for music. 

Blues Rock Redefined -

        The Davy K Project. 🎶

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